Saturday, April 28, 2012

Vermont Maple
Syrup Grades

Definitions for the different grades of Vermont Maple Syrup

Maple syrup grades vary depending on the tree and the time of season you are tapping.  The tap made early in the season generally produces a Grade A Fancy Syrup - the lightest shade and most delicate flavored Vermont Maple Syrup.  Sap gathered later in the season tends to produce a heartier Grade B Maple Syrup.
Following are the four grades of maple syrup as distinguished by the Vermont Department of Agriculture, Food, & Markets:

Vermont Fancy, U.S. Grade A Light Amber Maple Syrup:  This light amber colored syrup has a delicate maple bouquet and a delightfully mild maple flavor.  Popular served over vanilla ice cream, in tea, or in any manner that complements its subtle maple flavor.  Many enjoy a slightly-cooled heaping spoonful fresh from the pot!

Vermont Grade A Medium Amber Maple Syrup:  This medium amber colored syrup with a pronounced maple bouquet and a characteristic maple flavor is most often used on pancakes, waffles, and as an all-around table syrup.  Medium Amber is also delicious by the slightly-cooled spoonful.

Vermont Grade A Dark Amber Maple Syrup:  A dark amber color with a robust maple bouquet and hearty maple flavor.  Most often used to accompany breakfast entrees and as an all-around table syrup.

Vermont Grade B Maple Syrup:  The strongest and darkest table grade syrup that is preferred by many for its pronounced maple flavor.  The most common grade used in cooking and to add flavor to processed foods.

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